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Some OTC Allergy Eye Drops are a scam

Over the Counter  Similisan “Allergy Relief Eyedrops“, sold at many pharmacies and food markets contain worthless ingredients for treating the ocular symptoms of allergy including itching and redness. Steven Salzburg, a biomedical engineer, wrote last month in Forbes magazine ( May 2016) that he noticed the eye drops at his local Giant Food Store (parent of Martins). He noted that the eye drop costs $10 and contains three ingredients- ground honeybees, “eyebright” and sabadilla plant extract. Based on incorrect theories, these homeopathic eyedrops are supposed to relieve allergy symptoms by using ground up honey bees, and two plants that have been shown NOT to have any medicinal value. Sabadilla is an insecticide which causes eye irritation. “Eyebright” is a plant whose petals resemble a blood shot eye. It was reasoned by the ancient Greeks thousands of years ago that it may be helpful at treating red eyes because of its appearance rather than any proven effect. Homeopathic doctors prolong the deception that these old solutions can delivery any relief.

The writing on the eye drop box says it meets homeopathic standards which essentially means that if it causes irritation then it can treat irritation. Unfortunately the FDA has no power to prohibit the sale of these useless ( and potentially irritating) eyedrops. Like most homeopathic medications on the market they are a complete waste of money.

If your insurance doesn’t cover prescription eye drops for allergy then look for ketotifen eye drops which also cost about $10 but contain ingredients fully studied in clinical research and on the US market for more than 20 years. Brand names of ketotifen include Aloway and Zaditor. I welcome any comments you might have on this article.

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