What Does an Allergist Do?

Why should I make an appointment at Advanced Allergy and Asthma?

Advanced Allergy is staffed with a board certified allergist and friendly, knowledgeable nurses. We are all here to diagnose and treat your allergies or asthma and get you feeling better quickly. Treating your allergies or your children’s can reduce sick days from work or school.  We have convenient offices in the Richmond and Midlothian.

Why an allergist and not an ENT doctor?

Go to an allergist for optimal medical treatment of nasal, sinus, skin and asthma symptoms including cough. ENT doctors are surgeons who do nose, sinus and ear operations when they are necessary. We refer to a select group of ENT surgeons when medical treatment alone is not enough. Why not start out with a non-surgical evaluation?

When should I see a pulmonogist?

Pulmonolgists, like allergists, treat asthma and bronchitis but they are not trained to diagnose an allergic condition that may be causing those symptoms. They do not treat nasal, sinus or skin problems. They do invasive procedures such as bronchoscopy and spend much of their time treating critically ill patients in the hospital.

What will happen at my initial appointment?

The doctor will take a history of your symptoms and do a physical examination. Then, in most cases, skin allergy testing will be done to determine if you have a diagnosis of an allergic disease such as allergic rhinitis or sinusitis, asthma, or allergic eye disease. Following the skin testing the doctor will review that results with you and determine a treatment plan which may include medications, dust mite controls at home, or even exercise therapy. Make an appointment.

Will my insurance cover all of my initial visit costs?

Yeah Right! Not since about 1988 or thereabouts. However, we are preferred by many insurance companies because our costs are lower than those of the large groups. You will be asked to pay your co-pay at the time of service and any other charges not covered by your health plan. Those of us with high deductible plans need to understand that our deductible amount per year (for example $3,000) must be paid BEFORE the insurance company pays anything! That’s why insurance companies make so much money.

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